KTT have a long history in the design and manufacture of bespoke furniture. Our highly skilled team of carpenters and specialist finishers, have as a core group, worked as a team for the last 25 years.


Over the last quarter of a century, the team have honed their skills and specialist finishes, which today sees them celebrated as some of the finest artisans in Indonesia.

The attention to detail of the manufactured furniture is what differentiates our finished products from the rest of the companies operating in this sector within Indonesia.

All tables, chairs and accessories are fully finished and polished even where the eye cannot see; such as the underside of tables and chairs.

The finishes, some unique to KTT are the envy of the industry. Whether it is burnt polished, plain polished, limed, or a mixture of raw state reclaimed wood, with polished details; all are made to order for our exclusive client list.

All stages of production are constantly monitored and leave the factory, once they pass rigorous quality control checks.

KTT also operate a retail furniture section, under the brand name Sasuka. Sasuka is headed by a leading furniture designer and her network of renowned industry designers. Sasuka are responsible for working directly with our KTT specialist furniture architect. The whole process from conception to CAD design and render is all again, handled in-house.

The full design is rendered once our in-house structural engineer approves the design’s structural integrity, while retaining the design aesthetics. The plans for the construction components, with full scaled dimensions, are then passed to the production team.